Sunday, April 01, 2007

A Damn Near Perfect Day

Saturday was almost perfect. (Kylie knows what missing from it to have been a perfect day—we already talked about that over a game of literati.) I got to sleep in a bit, which was fabulous…and I actually slept pretty well…which was unusual for this last little while. I got up, cleaned my house, took out the garbage, fixed my car tire, did my laundry, and ran some other errands. Accomplished all kinds of things.

Then around 3:30 Daniel came and got me and we met with Kylie and Teddy. We skateboarded for a while, and then we played some baseball. I took some photos, and a bit of recording with my camcorder thing. (I’m still a little chicken with the skateboard, but I do love it! And I had a great time with the softball too.)

But this is not what made it perfect.

It was the strange little family we were. Teddy and I have a great time together and he brings out the kid in me (not like I hide it well in the first place, but with a kid around I have a reason to let loose). Kylie was being catcher, Ted was up to bat, Daniel was pitching, and I was out there to catch the balls that Ted hit. It was beautiful.

The thought crept into my mind, “This is all I really want.” I’ve never wanted money or fame. I’ve never wanted a career. I’ve never wanted glory or acknowledgment. All I’ve ever wanted is a family of my own.

Afterwards we all went to Mongolian BBQ for dinner. Ted used his chopstick as a wand to turn me into a bunch of different animals and told me to eat like them. Then we started having noodle-eating races. But the BEST was when the fortune cookies came. I opened mine and read it then Ted opened his and said, “If only I could read!” We all laughed! It was so funny! He’s a GREAT kid!

Then we went into the mall and found out that there was a play land thing. Ted and I took off our shoes and went it. The best part of the play land was the slide. It was so much fun going down that thing! Afterwards of course, we discussed the fact that both Ted and I are too tall for play land, but no one kicked us out.

It was a great day.


BigBird said...

I have to agree with you...the day rocked! Thank you for being a part of it.

sally said...

That sounds like an absolutely wonderful day. Much of what you needed, eh?