Thursday, April 05, 2007

Chickens, Snakes and Lessons Learned the Hard Way

Here’s some random stuff…just don’t know how to explain it all:

  1. I bought a drain snake.
  1. I snaked my own shower drain. Now it works. That makes me less reliant on someone else. Not that I want to be, just have to be.
  1. Hi Jeff,

    How are you today? Sorry I've been an email slacker! But I did have to write a quick note to say that I think I've just become an adult because I bought a drain snake. Only adults own those things. Crap. I hate adulthood. It sucks. I have to clean my own drains and fix my own car tires and raise my own chickens. Although I don't raise chickens.



I now will unofficially refer to you as the Chicken Chick.


  1. That Jeff is not my brother. He’s my friend Jeff Andrew. One of the COOLEST people I know.
  1. I had just gotten out of the shower when someone knocked at my door. Okay, who the hell is it? I grabbed a blanket from my bed to wrap around myself (now my bed looks like “it turned inside out…then exploded”) and I peeked out the judas hole. Well, that’s not Kylie…it looks like a guy. It’s not Daniel. WTF: I opened the door. (Probably not a good idea given recent news events) Some guy wanted to know if I owned those giant speaker thingys in my driveway. I told him that I don’t but gave him the address of the property managers and maybe they could help him. Lessons:
    1. Buy a bathrobe
    2. Don’t try to look through the judas hole without my glasses on. It doesn’t work
    3. If you’re unsure if a stranger got a glimpse of your booby, just think of it as a “good deed” and move on.


sally said...

My favorite "lesson" is c. It is a good deed.

BigBird said...

I agree with are a good deed doer. Maaike, I have told you many times that you are a good writer...but really... even someone like you couldn't make up some of the crazy things that happen to you. :)

Anonymous said...

Good deed.... ROFL!!

That brightened my day.


Maaike said...

I told Kylie I was listening to Bif Naked and she said, "As long as you weren't dancing naked in front of your window, you've done enough "good deeds" for a while." HA! I love Kylie!

BigBird said...

yes, because I'm danged funny! :) OHO!