Saturday, July 03, 2010

Something to be Scared of...

Life: I want to live you.

I’ve never been very good at slant rhyme and that seems to be the secret to writing song lyrics. As I listen to songs I can hear them but when I sit here and try to make them up myself I cannot hear it and I cannot create it. I wish I could create.

Life: You scare me.

It’s like singing anyway…my voice is in the alto range but I can’t just hear it unless someone else is also singing alto and sitting near enough to me for me to follow their lead. I cannot sing unless someone shows me the way. I wish I could lead.

Life: Are you my friend?

These small things in life—hearing a note, finding a rhyme—mean nothing to so many people. Why do I worry about them? For the same reason I worry about so many other little things: No one to help with the big things.

(Scared Teddy by droool)