Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Ghost of an Unkissed Kiss

There he was…handsome, talented and smiling at me. I couldn’t resist. I had to flirt with him or I would regret it forever. Flashing my best smile and being totally, unabashedly myself, we began our conversation. We talked and laughed and suddenly I realized that my flirting was WORKING. Not only that, it was being RECIPROCATED and he was flirting with me, too. As the conversation went on we started walking with the crowd, and he reached over and suddenly he was holding my hand. Holy crap! Joy filled me in a way I thought was never going to happen again. It was so SO good.

Then I woke up and I thought, “Wow, a part of my brain still believes in love!”

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Are You Happy With Your Wash?

Hello Sixth Minky readers. As you know I have little tablets that I carry around and write things in. I love to write the odd things people say and I write them without the context. It makes me laugh.

Anyway, these quotes have been posted into another blog called "Are You Happy With Your Wash" and can be found at:

You should know that when I quote someone I don't edit their words. If they happily use a "colorful metaphor" I leave it there. Please proceed with caution.

Anyway, enjoy the blog, look for yourself in it, and add comments if you have other great things that someone has said that makes you giggle.