Sunday, February 20, 2011

They Looked Like Strong Hands

Before going to bed I watched the movie “Pandorum” which wasn’t the most exciting movie but it had a strange effect on my dreams.

I dreamed that I had no hair, pale white skin, and odd lumpy growths all over. (If you watch “Pandorum,” you’ll know why this was in my dream—the rest of my dream is not sci-fi related.) I was trying to save other people who looked like me who were being hunted down and put into camps because we weren’t normal.

In my dream, David Boreanaz (who has become the one who always “rescues” me in dreams like this) was there and he was helping me.

Now, the important part: He was in love with me. Totally in love with everything I was. He didn’t care what I looked like because he loved all the REAL parts of me—the parts I want to be loved for.

I woke up feeling loved for the right reasons. If I could find someone who wants me to be around every day in his future because he can’t imagine a future without me, I would be so happy. I am NOT interested in being loved for what I look like. The truth is, if a guy mentions anything about wanting to be “physical” with me in anyway, I don’t want to date him.

That’s three dreams now in which David Boreanaz has loved me completely because of everything I am and nothing at all because what I look like. My hotness is just a bonus to him.

Thursday, February 17, 2011