Thursday, April 05, 2007

Does “Flabber” even HAVE a root in Latin?

Flabbergast: to overcome with surprise and bewilderment; astound.

My friend Amy called to tell me a true story. I was walking on campus listening to her, but at times what she said made me stop dead in my tracks. I believe that I was completely “flabbergasted.”

The story is a love triangle of sorts. Amy was dating this guy…who told her that if he and she were the last people on earth he would be perfectly contented…and the next day broke up with her saying that it was because of “her feelings”. Ah, I see. He admits something heartfelt and then the next day claims her feelings as the reason he can’t see her anymore.

There’s more.

He starts dating Amy’s friend. Yes. You heard me right. Her friend. Anyway. This guy and that girl date for a while and start talking marriage. And when the girl is out of town, the guy writes an email to Amy and says he “likes” this other girl but doesn’t think he’s ready for commitment and is instead moving to California. In the meantime the girl is out with her girlfriends on vacation planning wedding stuff. Ah. I see. It makes perfect sense to me. In WTF land!

So, tell me again why I’m searching for love? I don’t seem to remember any more.


Amy said...

So this is Amy adding her two bits to the tale - so yes, they were dating behind my back acting as if everything was it has always been - the three amigos thing - and then I get this shock on my way to his office to a threesome dinner that didn't turn out so great because I wanted to throw up the whole thing. I have since forgiven them and she and I are still good friends but I shutter at the sight of him. I guess I am still allowed that, right? Anyway, there has got to be a good farmer from Osgood out there somewhere - until then I continue on my own completely flabbergasted and still in some sort of state of denial that two people could so blatantly lie to my face, and then after all is said and done they still want it to be as it was! NO THANKS!

sally said...

Wow. That is one messed up guy. I might have dated him myself at one point. At least, I know I once got dumped by a guy who told me, "I'm falling in love with you and I just don't want that in my life right now."

thecrunchyfrog said...

That is the best dream ever. Seriously you for the win. I want that dream.
PS, this is Missy.