Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Maaike Conquers the Mole People

Okay, maybe not "mole people" but I have come to terms with a mole.

In an effort to try to build my self-esteem I am taking "baby steps" to look at myself differently. Last Sunday I dressed up rather nicely. My hair was big, yet perfect, my eyes were shadowed in green and I wore the jade necklace Amy made for me. I looked at myself in the mirror and I thought, "I am exotic. I am beautiful." And, although I got no compliments at church, I felt beautiful all day.

Today I was combing my wet hair after getting out of the shower (no one knocked at the no "good deed" today) and my hair parted so that the ugly mole on my head was in the middle of my part for all the world to see. But, my first thought was not to cover it up. Instead I thought, "Why are there are so many parts of myself I am always hiding? I hide them until they suddenly spring to the surface and scare the hell out of people."

So, I didn't hide my mole today. I'm going to let it be out there. Let the world see my flaws. They may run away from me...

but the strong ones will stay.

Thank you, strong friends, who see my crazy and don't run away.


sally said...

What a great way to start a change in attitude. You go. Rock that mole.

Jana of the Jungle said...

Moles are damn sexy you know.

BigBird said...

didn't Marilyn Monroe have a mole? Granted...she's no longer among the living, but she was drop-dead gorgeous. Hmm...maybe shouldn't have phrased it in quite those words.
Anywho, your mole is beautiful, just like the person under it. (actually I haven't ever even noticed your mole, but I'm sure it's a great one!)
I have so many freakin' moles, I'm like a mole hill, so you come by it naturally. Us being sisters and all. OHO! I lava you! Remember that.