Sunday, October 18, 2009

All Hail Queen Schmooquan!!

Please welcome Queen Schmooquan!!

This is the kitty I got from the Humane Society. She is a little kitty with big eyes and big paws.

Her name at the Humane Society was Dione but I changed it to Queen Schmooquan--or Schmoo--for short. (I got the name from one of Goat Girl's other pseudonyms. I love her song "What do you think of me?" and I was singing it as I drove around town that day. Then I thought that Queen Schmooquan would make a great name for a cat.)

Anyway, this is the first pet that's all mine. I've never had my own pet before! I grew up with tons of family pets, but she is my first own kitty!! This morning I realized just how much I love this new kitty. And guess what...I think she loves me too!