Sunday, November 12, 2006

These images are some artwork I did. I found this image of this man with an umbrella but no trousers and I found it quite amusing. I love doing collage art. I find it very relaxing. Here are some of the pictures I did with this strange umbrella man.
Did he teleport? How did he get here? And where, oh where are his trousers?
And here again, he travels through the world without his trousers. At least he's not afraid to explore.
Why does this man have an umbrella...but no trousers? Was he ill-prepared or just absent minded? Is he more worried about his hair than his knees?

Whatever the reason, I hope that he finds what he's looking for under his umbrella and out in the stars.

Got Zines?

Hi. I have been having fun making my personal zine "The Sixth Minky". If you're interested in reading it, send me a stamp or a trade. I'd love to read your zine if you've got one.

Also, I'm searching for someone to draw a chicken. I've written a play called "Senor Pollo's Midnight Chicken" and I'd love to make a t-shirt with a chicken wearing a sombrero howling at the moon. If you can draw, send me your idea! I'll make you a shirt, too.

I love greeting cards. They make me laugh. Just thought I'd share that.

Love to all!