Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Those Who Did Not Know Her...

$1.99 for a wooden gorilla on a string. That's what I paid at Good Will here in Moscow. He cracked me up. I couldn't leave him behind.

He's even managed to find himself written into one of my plays. On Tuesday I brought him to class with me. Because I wanted to show him to David who is directing the play. I pulled the gorilla down the hall for a bit. Mostly freaked out Audrey, which is fun to do.

When class was over, David challenged me to drag him across campus. So, I did it. It was fun. As I exited the Shoup (Theater Department) I was greeted by a girl with bright blue hair. She asked me what the gorilla was for and I said, "I can't have dogs in my apartment." I continued on.

Occasionally the gorilla would tip over because of pavement cracks and I'd set him upright. Eventually a couple of people even righted him for me.

As more and more people crossed my path I noticed a trend...either they'd smile ( a guy even said, "Right on!" to me! ) or they'd pretend as if they didn't even see me in the first place. There was a guy in a truck who did a fabulous double take! It was a RIOT!

Another guy started talking to me, asking if it was for a class or something. Then I saw Heather and Sally. Both of them smiled and continued on as if, "Oh, there's Maaike and her gorilla" and it was an everyday sort of thing. It cracked me up.

I was telling Sally's class about it today and MaKaela said that one of her friends saw me and didn't know whether or not she should laugh. She was concerned that I might be "slow".

All I can say at this juncture is a quote from STNG: Those who knew [her] loved [her]. Those who did not know [her] loved [her] from afar.


BigBird said...

picturing this in my head made my whole week! If I had seen you, it may have made my whole damn year!

You are so quirky! One of the few...I mean, many things that I love about you!

:) smooches!

sally said...

It was awesome. And a great example of what we'd been talking about in class, so thank you for being willing to be an example.