Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Finding A Balance

Last night as I lay trying to sleep, my brain in a new kind of swirl because of the medication I'm on, I started to think about what I really want from love. It's a constant theme in my life. It will never go away.

There were two boys, let's call them Skeeter and Skippy, who followed me around like puppy dogs. They'd do anything I'd say. No matter how ridiculous it was. This is not what I want from love. I do not want a man who jumps when I snap. I am not interested in a follower.

There were two other boys, let's call them Satan and Snidely, who wanted me to follow them. Walk a step behind even. However, I knew they were not superior to me, and they knew that I knew it and were afraid of my power. I am not interested in a tyrant.

There ARE two boys, let's call them Spencer and Stefan, who realize that we are equal. Neither one feels he is superior to me. Neither one feels he is less than me. We feel in balance. Now, unfortunately, neither of these two are in love with me, but they have taught me that what I want from love is someone to walk beside me.

Love, don't walk behind me, waiting for me to lead. I'm tired of being strong.
Love, don't walk before me, I will not follow all the paths you want to tread.
Love, walk beside me and we'll find a way to bring it all into balance.

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BigBird said...

SAB' NOT worth the wonderment that is you! wonderment a word? well, you know what I mean.

You.....blah blah blah.....rock.