Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I Can Be Sad That A Mime Died

Kylie told me that if her name wasn't in the first two words of an entry in my blog she doesn't read them. Good thing I put her name first! Actually, I know she read them anyway.

I was talking to Kylie out in the hallway today while we ate our lunch. We were LAUGHING so much that the teacher had to close the door to the only classroom down that hall. I don't remember all that we laughed about because I didn't write it all down, but I have to say that laughing felt SO GOOD!

Yesterday was rough, crappy day. When I told her that this morning she said, "It's because you didn't see me."

"That's true," I said, "Because my happiness is in direct proportion to how much time I spend with you."

"I'm glad one of us can use big words," Kylie said, "'cuz mostly what I heard was, 'my happiness...blah, blah, And I figured it just meant that you like me."

We were laughing so hard that Dr. Steckel said we were "out of control" which is ironic because this very afternoon Jeron also said, "you women are out of control". I suppose if I'm going to lose control there isn't any body I'd rather be with that Kylie.


BigBird said...

ack! you made my tummy hurt today...

we are the funniest damn people I know. Other people are sad because they don't have a clue what we are laughing about. Poor losers.

BigBird said...

OH! I have to explain the title. Maaike won't because she feels ashamed that she made fun of a guy that couldn't talk and my sadness at his death.

Someone posted a newspaper article and some pics of the mime that died this week. I saw them and said, "ooohhh." She told me I was silly, and I replied, "I can be sad that a mime died." Which made her laugh even harder!

That was not nice, Maaike. What did he ever say to you? HA!

Katie said...

I need a Kylie in my life. You think I could find one on eBay?

sally said...

Were you sad because you had to do some of my grading?

I'm still feeling guilty about that.

Maaike said...

Kylie, he COULD talk, he just chose not to!

Katie, nope only one Kylie and she's mine! I already have to share her with Teddy and occasionally Donna and her family, so that's enough sharing.

Sally, no worries! I haven't done it yet though!

BigBird said...

HA! how do YOU know he could talk? Did he ever say anything to you? Or did you just assume he could? You know what happens when we assume things, don't you?

Maaike said...

yes. Assume= you become a pain in the ass to me!