Friday, September 14, 2007

Chris and Curtis Sleeping in the Yard

Thursday started with an exciting round of "Big Booty" in acting class. I'd never played it before but it was a RIOT and I still have the song echoing in my brain. I sucked at the game and lost very quickly every time, but I still had a blast.

Then it was design meeting where my design for the bed was well received. ole!

Then class...where I not only forgot to print out the script, but also sent Carlos the wrong version. Oy vey! It was not what one could classify as successful. The class lasted about a half hour longer than usual, but I eventually made it home!

I got to work on various things, random homework, random cleaning, random music and tv. All things moving toward the fact that I knew Chris and his friend would be showing up eventually.

Jeff stopped by. He'd been looking for his car, he couldn't remember where he parked it he just knew it was downtown somewhere. Remember, this is the guy that lost a pair of shoes he was currently wearing.

The phone rang. It was the sisters. Gave them a ride across town. Went back home. Waited.

Finally Chris and Curtis came. OLE! It was A BLAST to have some other 30-somethings around to talk politics and life with. AND Chris says that he'd like to produce a film for me. SO, I've got to start working on that!

We went to San Miguel's for Mexican and chatted. And then they slept in the yard of the Success By Six building. In the middle of downtown Moscow. Chris said the best part of it was the girl that almost stepped on them, said, "oh, excuse me" and just walked around them like it was totally normal that they'd be sleeping in the yard.

My favorite part of the entire thing however, was when at 2:30 am when Chris came in to use the facilities, it suddenly dawned on me that I'd completely forgotten to call Emily. What a dork I am. It took the fist few hours of sleep to erase everything enough for my brain to remember that I was supposed to call her.

ACK! My brain!

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