Monday, September 24, 2007

Salt On My Plate & Stars On My Toes

You know when you've been a friend with someone, a really good friend, and you start thinking the same things and knowing the same jokes and all those shared experiences? Well, that's me and my friend Kylie.

For example:

Kylie and I were IMing during a game of literati as we often do. She said, "Weren't you going to come over today?" and I said, "Do you have fingernail polish remover?" and she answered, "Do you have salt on your plate?" to which I said, "HA!"

As an outsider, these things make no sense. But to Kylie and I, they are complete worlds within themselves.

Here's the translation:

"Weren't you going to come over today?"
What time are you coming?

"Do you have fingernail polish remover?"
I'll come right away! Do I need to pick up some fingernail polish remover or did you manage to purchase some since our last conversation.

"Do you have salt on your plate?"
Are you assuming that if I have fingernail polish remover that I will paint your toenails for you?

Yes of course, because I know how much you love me.

Does that help. Maybe not. But when I got to Kylie's she pampered me to pieces! She did a hand massage, and she made my hair all poofy with a head massage, and, of course, she did paint my toenails. They're silver, with little stars glued on the big toes.

With a friend like Kylie around, it's always best to just put the salt on your plate and give her a smile!


BigBird said...

and now for the REST of the story...

see maaike is embarrassed about the origin of the salt on the plate line. Although she would NEVER admit this to anyone, because it is seemingly out of character for her, Maaike's favorite movie of ALL time is a little movie with a big star called...the LITTLE PRINCESS with Shirley Temple. That is where she got the line from. Believe you me! She quotes that darned movie all the time! And the cutesy little songs! Oi! Don't even get me started!

just admit it, honey, you have a soft side for that little dancing cherub, don't you? It's ok. Really. We will still love you.

DANG!! I crack me up!!!!

Maaike said...

Right, Kylie! No one is going to believe you! They know I like explosions and not cuteness!

BigBird said...

you're just lying to yourself, my friend...