Monday, September 24, 2007

The Search For Mr. Right Continues

As many of you are aware, my birthday is on November 9th. Many of you do not know that I will be 28 this year. Yes. 28. This is not where I planned to be on my 28th birthday, but, this is where I am.

So, this year, what I want, is an honest to goodness boyfriend birthday. You know, a phone call early in the morning, waking me up to a silly rendition of "Happy Birthday". He's planned the day...dinner, flowers, whatever. Just a day that he says, "I know how much you love your birthday so I've planned THIS!"

But the problem is that I don't have an honest to goodness boyfriend. There are 45 days until my birthday, so I thought I'd do some recruiting. Here are the things he MUST have:

Respect for me, Kindness, Gentleness, Intelligence, a Sense of Humor, and a variety of interests and talents.

Here are things he MUST NOT have:

any form of bigotry, a MAN-MAN sense of the world (caveman mentality perhaps), a mustache, and a fear of strong women (i.e. ME). He really shouldn't be a Republican because I've had too many clashes with them. We do not think at all alike.

I don't care about body type. I really don't. He should have dark hair (blonds need not apply) and I prefer with glasses...because I love how sexy men are with glasses on.

Now, don't worry. My birthday will be celebrated nonetheless, boyfriend or no, because I have Daniel--my friend-that's-a-boy--who has agreed to do my birthday for me. And he'll have Kylie's help of course. But, as it stands, you all still have 45 days.


BigBird said...

"Respect for me, Kindness, Gentleness, Intelligence, a Sense of Humor, and a variety of interests and talents."

HEY!! I've got those! But alas...I don't have a something or other hanging between my legs so I can't qualify. (THAT was crude, me!) and I MAY be a wee bit iffy on the talent part...and a smidge more iffy on the intelligent part... hmmm...and the respect for you part...weeeellll, I do try to act respectful.

Sorry. I still love you, though!

and only a month and a half!!! Crap! I am running out of time!


BigBird said...

OH! Did you notice I didn't mention anything about the 28 part? THAT was SO nice of me! And so uncharacteristic of me!


sally said...

Wow. If you're going to be 28, that means I only turned 30 a week and 1/2 ago!


Why not blondes? (This would be me being nosy.)

Maaike said...

I like older looking men. Blondes always look younger no matter how old they are. Plus, I once had a very strong vision of a man with dark hair and I knew that if I could find him he'd be the one that would understand me emotionally and respect me in the manner I deserve. Not that I wouldn't hang out with them, though!

sally said...

Well, then. Seems to me you just need to be patient and make sure you're ready for him when he shows up.

BigBird said...

I can't be the only one to notice this, but having read the last couple comments, I just have to say this...

The handsome fella hanging out with the perty snake is neither blonde nor dark haired. He is rather lacking in the "hair" department. :) teehee!