Wednesday, May 23, 2007

I’ve Always Said I Was A Slow Learner…

So today I figured out that the phrase “What are you doing?” should probably be followed by a socially stipulated response such as “nothing.” And not by the phrase, “I’m sitting here with one shoe on, one pant leg on, one shoe off and one pant leg off and shaving my leg.” This was followed by howls of laughter on the part of Kylie.

My only defense was, “At least I’m not making instant potatoes and putting them in the freezer.” Which was something I asked Kylie if it was kosher to do earlier today.

I think she keeps me around just to entertain her.


BigBird said...

yeah, that's the main reason I keep you around. You crack me up! Now every time I call you, I am going to ask "am I talking to you with or without pants?"

Maaike said...

Ironically Kylie showed up this morning and had to wait while I put on some pants.