Sunday, May 20, 2007

I'm just too damn clever...

This is an email I sent to my friend Ginger. It made me I thought I'd better share it with you all:

Hi Danger!!!

What are you up to? I'm freezing. Well, my toes and fingers are cold. So I guess what I was really doing was exaggerating. But I figure you're a bit of an exaggerator yourself, being a story teller and all, and that you'd forgive me. Let's start again.

Hi Danger!

What are you up to? My fingers and toes are cold but other than that, I'm doing fine! Now I'm lying. I'm not fine. I'm still in love with a boy who doesn't care and I still get bloody jealous when this other girl (another JUST friend (d'apr├ęs lui)) comes up and talks to him...and I think I'd be really happy to poke him with a big stick until he sees things my way...AHHHH this isn't working either. Let's try one more time.

Hi Danger,

What are you up to? My fingers and toes are cold, but other than that I'm continuing to struggle with the same issues that have plagued me since my dawn of time. Ah, no exaggerations, no lies, just plain honesty. I'm spent. I'll talk to you later!



Sally said...

Did you send it just like that? Please tell me you did. It's awesome.

Also, did the gunfire wake you last night?

Maaike said...

Yes, that's exactly how it arrived in Ginger's inbox!