Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Sex Toys...

Now that I have your attention, I have something to say on the subject of sex:

What every single one of us longs for is love. Sex is a bonus, but what our souls long for is that connection of love, trust and acceptance. I want to be loved because of everything I am. I want to love someone because of everything he is.

Anyone can climax sexually all by one’s lonesome, BUT…

  • You cannot hold you own hand when you need a friend.
  • You cannot put your own arm around your shoulders when you need comforted.
  • You cannot hold yourself in your own arms and feel safe.
  • You cannot cry on your own shoulder.
  • And a tear wiped from a cheek by someone you love is always a better shed tear than the ones you wipe from your own eyes.

Culturally I come from a group that does not freely talk about sex. (And I come from extremely na├»ve and innocent parents!) That does not mean I am a prude. If you’d like to know my experiences follow this link to a bunny cartoon singing “Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me” Also, I was once asked if I was a virgin to which I responded, “Why do you need to know? Is there an angry volcano God somewhere?” You may assume what you wish. I just wanted to point out that there are far more important elements to two people touching each other than for the actually selfish act of orgasm.


sally said...

I love your response to that completely rude and inappropriate question. Love it with all my heart and soul. It made me guffaw. Seriously. There is no other word to describe my shouts of laughter.

How is your sexuality anybody's business but yours? And why do people think it's okay to pry into these things? Unless you're thinking about sleeping with someone, or they're thinking about sleeping with you, there's no need to know. In my somewhat cranky opinion.

Jolene said...

If I was still in the dating world, I think it would be helpful if everyone wore their number on their shirt. I don't know what it would help - but it would be good information to have.

sally said...

Yeah, but once you get that number out there, people get all judgy when you go to get married.