Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Progress from the Pancake Drawer

One time on an episode of “Scrubs” Carla was standing in the kitchen putting dishes away. She held up a pancake and said, “What’s a pancake doing in the silverware drawer?” I don’t remember if it was JD or Turk who answered, but he said, “The real question is what is the silverware doing in the pancake drawer?”

I love that bit. It’s simple and silly and I love it.

Ever since then, I’ve wanted a pancake drawer. Think how nice it would be to just reach in and have a pancake whenever you felt like it.

In another episode, JD was in heaven, and heaven was a diner. He tried to order flapjacks and they told him they didn’t have any. He said, “No flapjacks in Heaven? Are flapjacks evil?” THAT made me giggle.

If you combine the two scenarios I guess that makes it all more important to have a pancake drawer before you go to heaven.

Unless you’re just as evil as flapjacks.

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thecrunchyfrog said...

Oooo, can I have a pancake drawer? There is a drawer in my fridge that rarely has anything in it...perhaps i should keep them in there.