Monday, May 14, 2007

All I Need Is This Orange Thermos!

Okay, fine. You win, Life. You are a mean, bandy-legged, dog-breathed, flame-throwing beotch and I'm all done with your see-sawing me along!

I'll keep my family with me. I have some good friends. I'll keep them too. (You know who you are...if you're unsure, then step it up a bit and make sure you are!)

Life, you go ahead and throw whatever you have at me. I don't care anymore. I'm stronger than you. I am a Daughter of God and if every man on this back-water, pissant planet ignores me, than so be it. Up yours mankind! I am ME. I am THE ONLY me there is. I am worth knowing. I am worth loving.

I've made this resolution before. It feels a little different this time.

Because all I need is this orange thermos.


sally said...

You are worth knowing. Most definitely.

thecrunchyfrog said...

Super intense hugs, because it seems you need them. Sorry I'm not there to give them in person.

BigBird said...

MAAIKE!!!!! (5 kittens right there)
I will be your orange thermos, but just remember that I occassionaly sing along to country songs... and say really mean things to you...and try to scare you with stories of spiders or clowns, or spiders dressed up as clowns (now, THAT would be scary!!).

BUT I will stand next to you when everyone else sucks and together we can be THE LARGEST FARMERS IN THE LAND!!

poor kittens!!!!