Monday, May 15, 2006

Dear Jade--February 6, 2004

Dear Jade, February 6, 2004

How are you? I hope that all is SPIFFY in the Garden State. All is SNOWY in the Gem State but hey, what can you do? NOTHING. I have no power over the weather. Obviously a groundhog does, but not me. Strange power to give to a rodent, don’t you think?

Valentine’s Day is coming up…and I don’t have a Valentine, damn it! I was hoping Pablo would fill that slot…but alas…he’s a Libra—Yes, once again let’s pause at the irony of his birthday being ONE DAY after Brian Passey’s. INSERT MOMENT OF REFLECTION HERE. (Actually, I don’t really know what Pablo thinks of me…I’d like to read his thoughts…but he probably thinks in Spanish…so I’d need an interpreter…a mind reader who’s bilingual who’d delve into his mind to find thoughts of ME!! Should be cake, right?)

Right now, I’ve written a secret note on my stomach with a Sharpie marker. It says, “I know something you don’t” I’m going to wear it around all day and whenever I think of it I’m going to smile to myself because I know something that the rest of the world—the entire world—is unaware. You know now, but this day will happen before you even find out! It’s fun. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ok, so this crepe fete I’m having…I asked for volunteers for two different things, 1) paper cups and 2) a handsome man to stand in the kitchen to keep me company while I cook. So far I’ve had five volunteers for paper cups and one for standing in the kitchen…but he isn’t going to be able to attend the party. Let’s hope I get more volunteers!

There’s a German professor named Gerd Steckle (He’s actually from Germany) and he’s really very funny. Anyway, I walk walking down the hall and saw Pablo and wanted to talk to him, but Dr. Steckle got there first, so I just walked past and said, “Good morning.” Pablo said “Hi” and Dr. Steckle made a grunting sound. I stopped and turned around. “Are you grunting at me?” I asked.
“You think you’re a Rock Star with your purple glasses on, don’t you?” he said.
“He’s rude, isn’t he?” said Pablo.
“I am a Rock Star.” I said.
“Oh, did I miss the memo?” asked Dr. Steckle.
“No, it’s just written in everything I do.” I turned around with my head held high, catching Pablo’s smile from the corner of my eye. Then I said to Dr. Steckle, “And you still need to buy me some soup.” (the joke from the last semester.)

Anyway, it was fun.

Today Pablo offered me some of his banana. Isn’t that cute. Isn’t it just really sickening how much in love with this silly boy I am? A smile from him can make my entire day.

Crepe Fete Afterglow: Well, it’s 12:38am. Everyone has left my crepe fete. The living room and kitchen are clean and I’m too excited to sleep. Why? I hear you ask. I’ll tell you. Pablo came.

We had a “bad poem” contest. It was kind of rigged wherein I told Christina earlier in the day, “Pablo’s going to win a prize, you realize.” She said she understood completely. He did win, but that’s because his poem got the best initial reaction. His first line made EVERYONE laugh. (So despite the fact that I wanted him to win, I think he legitimately won anyway. Plus, his accent made it even better.)

Brian Passey said a funny. He said, “I knew a Spaniard—he was from Spain.” Emiline and I started laughing. But neither of us really rubbed it in…because we didn’t want to embarrass the boy. But, it was funny. Brian came to my party, too. In fact, he helped to give Monika a ride home because my car has a hard time getting up the hills by her house. Man, there was a TON of people at the party. Let’s make a list, shall we: Jeff Beck, John Withers, Ryan, Janay and Melody Slaugh, Doug and Becca Otto, Jamie and Marie Freeman, Katie Whittier, Katie Roderick, Christina Curtis, Daniel and Audra Turner, Leah Estep, Stephen Cleverley, Matt Ellsworth, Caleb Twitchell, Daylene Wadsworth, TJ Adams, Mandy Martineau, Emiline Hogg, Brian Passey, Monika Madinabetitia, Me and the one and only Pablo Garcia.

Holy CRAP! 26 people!! People kind of came and went…but I really didn’t care. Just as long as PABLO was there. I didn’t care about anyone else. I love him.

OK, so after the crepe fete, I actually didn’t go to sleep until 2 am. Then I got up and couple of times to heed the prompting of the full bladder but went back to sleep every time. (Instead of having dreams that Pablo was in love with me, I kept having dream that he was in love with someone else I knew! ACK! First Rachel Chipman, then my roommate, Shaunee Perry. It was the worst nightmare ever! AND I thought it very disturbing that even my SUBCONSCIOUS mind won’t let me believe that he could possibly love me! ANYWAY, this is NOT part of the story I set out to tell…) At 8:30 a.m. Brian Tanner called to see if I knew anyone who was going to Spokane because he left his backpack there. I think it was more than obvious that I was asleep when he called. Anyway, I told him that Mandy Martineau and TJ Adams were going and then FOR SOME SLEEP INDUCED REASON I invited him over for crepes. So he made a couple fo phone calls to track down his bag and I got up to start cooking.

We ate crepes and talked a little bit about the fact that Valentine’s Day is looming on the horizon like a giant evil dragon-things. So, to celebrate, we decided to make some Valentines. I turned on “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen” and we watched it while we cut and glued paper hearts. It was total cheese. Then, I put on “Amelie” and we watched that. Then it was lunchtime so I made him a tuna sandwich.

Then we went to Rite Aid so I could drop off my film (pictures of Pablo! I wanted them NOW!) We wandered the mall a bit, then we drove back to the apartments to get Brian’s checkbook, then back to Winco (crazy busy!) then back to Rite Aid, then back to Brian’s apartment. By now it was 4:30 in the afternoon and I had accomplished NOTHING of what I was supposed to do. Then I went to Christina’s to talk about my bad dreams and show her the pictures…but I saw both Mandy and Brian Passey on my trip over and had to talk to both of them. (I was overcome with a wave of admiration for Brian Passey when I saw him and I said, “Brian Passey, I love you! You are one of my favorite people on the whole earth.” His smile was worth seeing. I really do think he’s fabulous.)

Finally I got to Christina’s. We talked for a bit while watching “Most Extreme Elimination Challenge” (which, by the way, can be HILARIOUSLY funny!). THEN when I left her house it was 7:00. Still nothing done. When I arrived home Katie Whittier had left a message about playing a game at her house, but I called and told her that I just couldn’t come because I had to get something done. Well, it ended up that I got NOTHING done at all. I was so tired I just decided to go to bed. I don’t have my lesson ready, none of my homework done, didn’t really sleep that well…BUT I HAVE A PICTURE OF PABLO!!



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