Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Envelope Seven!

Today I got envelope number 7 of 17. From Katie Whittier. She said her creativity had worn out, but she lies because the envelope was just as creative as anyone else's!

It's greatly interesting to see how much the contents of the envelopes reflect the personality of those who are filling them.

I was telling Kylie and Sally that I was trying to remember who all I sent them to but I can't really remember. There are some I remember, of course, because I am either eagerly awaiting the return of their envelope or else they have said to me "I'm working on filling that envelope". But there are still three I can not'll be a surprise to me if I get them back!


BigBird said...

BOB 1 (the leader of the lima beans in your plant), Murray (the FBI guy), and Estelle (that blue haired old lady you met on your trip to know, the one with the purse full of catfood?)

Glad I could help!


Katie said...

Yay! You got it! Hopefully it was somewhat up to snuff. It was a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon, ESPECIALLY a Sunday afternoon prior to going back to school after a 2 year vacation... the dread all but drove me nuts! So the envelope was a worthy distraction (though when I sat down to do a crossword puzzle from yours, I pulled all my hair out and had to face school bald). ANYWAY, I reactivated my blog and linked yours to it... check me out at ktwhit.blogspot.