Friday, August 10, 2007

Ballerina Cow From the Secretary of Cookies

Got my third envelope today! It’s from Ginger! She sent me the world’s most graceful ballerina cow. And a bookmark! Did she know I collect bookmarks or is she just a good guesser?

So far that’s 3 out of 16! Cool. The women in Moscow are totally kicking everyone else’s butts! Of course, women in Moscow are just a slight bit cooler than everyone else anyway!

I wonder who will be the first GUY to respond? I vote Eric as he has already told me that he’s working on it.


BigBird said...

just a slight bit?! and no egg timer or roll of tape in Ginger's? hehehe

sally said...

Well, we're closer. I mean, when I gave your envelope to the guy at the Pest Office, he said, "I'll get a note in her box right away. I don't think this will fit." So if you've sent to people out of town, theirs will take longer.