Friday, January 04, 2008

When You Were Little Did You Ever Dream of Being a Ninja?

Most little girls want to be Princesses. I wanted to either be magic and run the world or be an assassin for some spy ring--a ninja of the highest rank. That would have been extremely cool.

When I looked for classes at school I found "Home Economics" but not "Ninja Training". I learned to macramé but I never did learn how to do a proper flying scissor kick. I did discover that I have short tendons in my arms and hands so I might not have been the best of Ninja since I can't fully extend my arm! I would have ROCKED as a Ninja. I'm nearly 6 foot tall, I'm beautiful (not cute--I'd be one of those spies that my greatest weapon would be my looks, including my C-cups), and, what might be the leading reason for my desire to be secretive and stealthy, I'm a Scorpio.

Unfortunately when I exercise my face turns bright red and EVERY p.e. teacher I ever had made me sit down with a wet towel on my face. So I quit exercising and put on weight. Still tall, still C-cups, still beautiful, just overlooked because I'm "chubby".

I'm not a ninja. I still practice my ninja moves like this cat is doing. I practice running for my life if I need to. (I'd have been a ninja who was an expert at parcourse (sp?), as well.)

I've always wanted to be something more than just me. Something that people would wonder about. They'd look at me and I'd stand there with perfect posture, tall, thin, gorgeous, and with a certain confidence shining through my eyes, and they'd wonder, "Who is this girl...and why am I slightly afraid of her?"

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sally said...

I turn bright red when I work out too. It's just one of the joys of being fair-complected.

You are beautiful, you know.