Sunday, January 20, 2008

No More Good Deeds

Today I discovered once again that doing "good deeds" will just bite me in the ass. No more good deeds for me. The rest of the world seems to get by on selfishness and I'm finally joining them.

I pick a fuzz-ball from John's pants and it wafts down to be forever lost in my bag. Great. I'm trying to get over a fruitless crush by introducing the object of my unrequited affection to a girl he might actually find attractive (while wanting to stab her, really) only to discover that she already has a boyfriend. (& I still don't despite the fact that my "lizard skin" on my hand has actually cleared up and I got that no-one-will-ever-love-you mole removed from my head.)

Other good deeds have led to girls getting asked out on dates by the guys I wanted to be dating; someone else getting the job I really wanted; another person getting a good grade because I gave them the idea for their paper, etc...the list goes on.

Therefore, I give up. No more good deeds from me. You're all on your own. I'm going to be selfish and start watching out for people doing good deeds for ME so I can snatch the moment away, be happy, and THEY can be the ones in misery caused by a misguided desire to "be good."


Brian Davidson said...

No more good deeds? You know, nice guys may finish last in this world, but they. . .they. . . I'm having a hard time finishing this sentence.

Oh yeah. The nice guys get fruit cup.

Pickle'sMom said...

or a squash.

martin said...

Or just plain squashed! You can't desert me. I'm ALREADY on my own! I have a few friends but they're a long way away. But it's quality that counts, and that makes up for it. I am a little "different" though, so occasionally people write to them to check out if I'm dangerous. Fortunately they're good friends and lie on my behalf.
Your friends seem a bit more selfish.
I was looking again at your musings on dreams and the comment I made. I hope I didn't imply that dreams can't be painful. I've had some REALLY crappy ones lately, but I think my brain must have just been having trouble chewing on what I'd been thinking during the day. Waking up was more like escaping.
Anyway, good luck with your friends. You could be really mean and keep an account diary and then produce it to some of them when they are SERIOUSLY overdrawn on favours.
Take care
Martin (UK)