Thursday, January 31, 2008

Major Iceborg

My phone rang, so I answered it:

Me: Hello?

Chris: Is that you, Major Iceborg?

Me: Gimmie the cashhhhhhh!!

It's hard to have a conversation with anyone in my family unless you have a fairly good knowledge of all the films and television shows we have ever seen. Or, just do like my sister-in-law did, just start adding your own quotes and pretending everyone else understands.

As continued proof of our madness, today I sent an email to my little brother. It read:

Hey Bri! Do you dig graves? Love, Maaike

To which he wrote back:

Yeah, they're all right.

We spent the whole day sending a sentence at a time to each other and covered The Young Ones, A Christmas Story, and Sneakers. (Not too long ago we spent an entire day on The Emperor's New Groove.)

Mom and Dad are not immune to this. One of Dad's favorites was "What you talkin' 'bout, Willis?" He'd also sit in the living room and suddenly shout, "A glass of water for Mr. Granger!" which meant that I was to get him a glass of water. Mom also joined in by raising her thumbs while I told a story a la one of my favorite moments from Scrubs: What has two thumbs and doesn't give a crap? Bob Kelso, nice to meet you.

Even the nieces and nephews don't stray from the pattern. Liam and Lexie could do a whole bit from Spongebob Squarepants when Patrick was trying to be just like Spongebob.

Most of our conversations whenever they veer towards the serious will eventually be interrupted by some silliness which, in our lingo, means: I'm uncomfortable with this level of personal intimacy I will therefor deflect it with a quote: Sorry, Venkman, I'm terrified beyond the capacity for rational thought.

This is not just a Davidson phenomenon. I became really good friends with Christina because I was singing "You seem easy and willing to put out, so roll in the cream cheese, roll in the cream cheese!" Daniel R. says to me, "As you wish, Buttercup." and Daniel M. quotes music just as compulsively as we quote film.

I guess it comes down to what are we willing to share about ourselves when all we can think to say are words that have been used by someone else. Granted, one phrase can often sum up what we are feeling without having to go into details.

Like this:

Gee, Dad. If I can't have a sled, just say so.


martin said...

Hello Maaike. Some of these people aren't nuts, they're just differently normal!

I hope you didn't mean "The Young Ones" as in Cliff, "fetch me the vomit-bucket" Richards, but rather "The Young Ones" - that classic iconic high art form of 1980's Britain? If the former; I advise everyone to ignore this blog permanently. If the latter; I suggest people check in daily. Well - that's what I think, anyway. :)

Brian Davidson said...

There's a vampire! In the parcel! In the kitchen!

Hate mail!

chuckularone said...

Itsa, itsa, itsa...