Monday, October 29, 2007

Envelope Ten--they haven't forgotten!

Envelope number 10 has found it's way to my grubby little hands!

Monika M. from Spain has sent me an envelope. Well, that's just too simple for Monika. Instead she came all the way from Spain to hand deliver her envelope to me here in Moscow, ID! Now, THAT'S a friend!

Okay, so maybe she was actually at a conference in Seattle and then made a little side trip to Moscow and just happened to bring the envelope and hand it to me. But still, it's an amazing story.

That brings me up to a 56%. It's not even a D yet.

I'm happy with the return. Although, I did have to have Daniel translate some of the Spanish for me. Vivan los ping├╝inos de queso! (or something like that).


sally said...

What about extra credit for multiple envelopes from someone? Wouldn't that garner a passing grade? Plus, of course, the points for having the wherewithal to stuff 19 envelopes and mail them off in the first place. That's got to bring you up to at least a B.

BigBird said...

I agree with Sally! You have sent out more than the original 19 because I have gotten at least three from you. How many other "multiples" have you sent? Received.

You have to have at least a B!