Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Your Maaike Might Be Compromised!

Today someone who had never before talked to me correctly pronounced my name. It threw me for a loop! How does this guy know how to pronounce my name? So I asked him. “I had a friend by that name in elementary school.” Huh. It got me thinking that there may be a few of you out there with a Maaike somewhere in your past and I thought I’d set up this quiz for your safety—so you can be assured that your Maaike is the genuine article:

True or False:

  1. Maaike is allergic to walnuts. And onions. And most metal jewelry.
  2. Maaike pulled a wheeled-wooden gorilla on a string across the University of Idaho campus causing someone to think she was “slow.”
  3. Maaike will be driving 160 mile round trip to buy twenty Styrofoam heads from Value Village in Spokane.
  4. Maaike thinks French cut green beans are vegetables from the devil.
  5. Maaike once moved her mattress into the closet and sat there for 2 hours waiting to see if someone would notice she was missing. No one did.
  6. Maaike thought the song “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star” was about her.
  7. Maaike wants to be either a Princess or a Monkey when she grows up.
  8. Maaike once cut in line at a very busy store at Christmas time because she was pretending to have an English accent and the people thought it was cool and let her in line.
  9. Maaike recently looked up a teen web-site for information on "how to get over a crush."
  10. Maaike is a Scorpio born in the hours of Scorpio and a Rooster born in the hours of Rooster.

Fill in the Blank:

  1. Maaike’s Dad called her ________________ from a little Dutch song about a girl riding her bicycle.
  2. Maaike’s Dad also called her ______________ because of a card game she always wanted him to play with her.
  3. Maaike’s best friends on the UI campus are _____________, the DJ of The Vegetable Patch, and _____________ the Mom of ________________.
  4. When Maaike was little she was afraid of her brother’s stuffed toy Grover because his _______________ glowed at night.
  5. Maaike’s bike’s name is _______________________.
  6. Maaike’s car’s name is ________________.
  7. Maaike’s teddy bear’s name is ______________________. And he suffers from _____________________________________ disorder.
  8. Maaike is the sixth ________________ because of a Pink Panther movie her father loved.
  9. Maaike calls her Mom ______________.
  10. Maaike currently owns ____________ sets of fairy/goth wings.
Okay friends, how did you do? Is your Maaike the real one? Here's how you can tell: All the T/F answers are TRUE. If your Maaike answers False to any of these, then she's not the real one. The fill-in-the-blanks...now, either you know or you don't. If you're curious ask me. If it's the real Me you'll get the real answers. I hope none of you have been compromised. I'd hate to think I have a viral version of you!


BigBird said...


scary damn squeaky heads.....


can still hear them in my brain, must...make....them....be quiet.

hmmm...styrofoam melts doesn't it?

get out the hairdryer!

BigBird said...

1. Squiggy

2. Go Fish

3. D, Me, and Teddy (sounds like a poem)

4. eyes

5. Mad Maddeline

6. Asparagus?

7. Eddy? multiple personality, bi-polar (did I have to choose just one?)

8. Minky!!

9. Mommy, my cute Mommy :0)

10. 1 black set cuz I (the wonder friend) pointed them out :)

Maaike said...

Friend, you are SO CLOSE to the correct answers! Very good!

And, BTW, wasn't I just a DOLL when I was five! Actually "holy terror" is probably closer to the truth.

sally said...

I did badly badly badly on this, as I told you yesterday after class. I was 100% on the T/F section, but failed miserably on the fill-in-the-blank.

Thank goodness I don't have to actually take tests anymore. I get to make other people take them instead.

Brian said...

Dang, you look cute in that picture.

I got all of the tf right and a few of the fill in the blank. I have to move closer to you, I am out of the loop!
Wait, I hate packing. You move here.

Hee hee.