Thursday, June 21, 2007

My Imaginary Friends

I often get accused of having "imaginary friends." I find it amusing how often others doubt the veracity of the existence of my friends. Well, here is a photo. In this photo, back row L to R: TJ, Tennille, Missy, Andrew, and Patrick. Front row L to R: Daniel, Will, and Sally.

This is me and Daniel together. We're cute.

This photo is Jeff, Me, Matt, and David in my bed at mom's house. We hung out for a summer and it was FUN.


Sally said...

Is this before or after I stuck my finger up Will's nose?

BigBird said...

how come I'm not in this picture?...oh, yeah...because I refused to go. The thought of all those people in your apartment freaked me out a little...or a lot. I still don't know how you got everybody in there. I think the picture is actually a fake and you are just getting really good with your "photoshop" thingy.

I don't think that your friends are the are those bagel chips?



Rodrigo said...

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thecrunchyfrog said...

How fantastic we all look...We so should have taken one with you and all your glorious-ness. How goes McCall?

sally said...

We did, remember? There is also one of Maaike sitting on my lap.

thecrunchyfrog said...

I so remember that now! Dear Maaike...why not the one with you in it? After all, we could just be gypsies you drug off the street.