Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Why Must I Make Such Dumb Mistakes?!

Okay, I do some dumb things. I really do…such as:

  • Using Melaleuca Shampoo (it thinned out my hair)
  • Moving to Kansas (Please don’t ask)
  • Not giving Tarek a chance because of a crush on another boy.
  • Watching “An Interview with a Vampire”
  • Letting "Voldemort" charge things on my credit card.

But tonight…I did the dumbest thing ever. I flossed and brushed my teeth…THEN iced a cake! How dumb is that! I had to be very careful to get all the icing onto the cake, and the icing that ended up on my hands (I’m an artist, I’m used to getting my art all over myself) had to be wiped away. The spatula was used very carefully to get the icing onto the cake and then went into the sink. It was so sad. I debated driving it over to Daniel’s house to let him lick it off (of the spatula—Kylie, I can hear you) but I didn’t know how to hold a spatula and drive. That’s something I haven’t yet had any experience in. Why? Why must I be plagued by such dumb mistakes!


Sally said...

Silly woman. Put the business end of the spatula into a plastic baggie or wrap it in waxed paper. Then stick it in the fridge and save it for breakfast.

See, THAT's your mistake right there.

BigBird said...

great idea, Sally! you are one smart cookie...we just have to meet someday!

Maaike, Maaike, sure it was the spatula?

Lava you!!!!! (7)

Brian said...

You know, one can always RE-brush one's teeth.
PS So that's what happened to my hair.