Wednesday, March 19, 2008

2 1/2 Weeks To Go

Four shows to find props for. My own show in rehearsals. Work at the language lab. Peer Mentor for Sally's class. Teach Comm 101: Intro to speech. Taking thirteen credits--keep up with all the homework, the writing, the reading. Trying to earn my MFA in May. Coordinating a series of focus groups for the College of Letters Arts & Social Sciences. Teach Sunday School in church. Bake a pie and barter for a guitar amp. Be cheerful. Conquer personal demons. Try to eat healthy food. Keep track of my Mommy. Papers due. Now it's snowing.

Peel off the layers. See who's beneath. Peel away enough layers and you'll find me invisible.

If you find me at all.


sally said...

Be cheerful? That's your expectation. No one is requiring you to be cheerful when you don't feel like it except you.

Go ahead and let the overworked grumpy person out. She deserves some time in the spotlight, given all you're doing right now.

sally said...
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sally said...

I'm not sure why it posted twice. Please delete one of those.

Brian Davidson said...

Makes you think about Gilligan and his crew in a different perspective, doesn't it? They had nothing to do with their time except haul bamboo and cocunuts for the professor.

Oh, those poor people. . .

And that poor kitty. You know you're tired when you fall asleep in your dinner.