Monday, March 03, 2008

My Heart Smells Like Bacon

Yep. That's what I said. I was talking to myself and I said, "My heart smells like bacon." I said it wrong of course. I don't know if when one is talking to ones self that one can make incorrect word choices. Maybe I'm just crazier than I thought.

Once I did my laundry at a different laundromat and I swear my clothes smelled like bacon. But this was because I had cooked some pork tenderloin (I'm supposed to add protein into my diet and I haven't yet learned to make things with tofu) and my HOUSE smelled like bacon. But when I walked into my house, I said out loud to myself, "My heart smells like bacon."

I tried to figure out if there was any real meaning to this. Maybe if fried, my heart would smell like bacon, I don't know. Maybe due to my stress out factor, my heart is frying in my chest. Maybe old things I'm holding on to that I really should let go of are making me angry enough to have bacon heart. I don't know.

But if you find yourself saying "My heart smells like bacon" let me know the situation and maybe we can figure it out together.


Pickle'sMom said...

You're so weird.

but maybe I wouldn't love you so much if you weren't...


Brian Davidson said...

I'm with ya, sis. There for a few years, I was convinced that the occasional bag of Starbursts I bought had been manufactured in a factory that also made pork rinds. Nothing like a little sugary fried football. Mmmmm. . .fried football.