Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Kylie Gave Me Flowers

New Works Festival is OVER! It's been part of my life since last December and I'm glad it's done. So nice to have the props put back in the closets. HOORAY!

My show was pretty successful and I'm happy with what I learned from it. Kylie brought me flowers--she remembered that my favorites are purple and yellow irises! She did have to look at a couple of stores to find them, though.

Now, my new adventure is actually being in a play. I play Jane, the disgruntled maid, a stranded motorist, and a nun. I haven't been in a play since the one I wrote in 5th it's a bit nerve bending. I don't have my evenings to myself yet. But I do have a new adventure.

The play is called "Bloody Murder" and is brand new! Never been performed. It's a comedy based around the characters of a murder mystery. It's showing on May 1, 2, & 3. I'd love it if you could come!!

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Brian Davidson said...

Boy, if gas weren't so expensive, I'd be there.

By the way, I hear tell from a very reliable source (and my sources tend to be pretty reliable, you know) that if you're ever in a play, the best thing to do is remember not to squish things together, especially when you're old old old. But since you're not old old old, squish away.

I'd like to give you flowers, too. We have some marigolds growing in the kitchen windowsill. But then again Dudley Do-Right is allergic to marigolds, so maybe that wouldn't work. But since you don't hang around anybody with a hyphenated last name, perhaps that's not a concern. I'm babbling. I'll leave now.