Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Why am I such a GIRL?

I just got home from watching the two-parter "Criminal Minds" over at Daniel M.'s house. It's the one that they aired just after the Superbowl (I only know who was in the game because I was waiting for "Criminal Minds" to come on). Anyway...I am so crushing over the character of Dr. Spencer Reid (played by the beautiful Matthew Gray Gubler) and wishing I were the one who got to have his mismatched socks lying on my floor.

Why don't I just grow up and stop having stupid crushes? When will I bloody grow up? I keep thinking how much I'd like to write a play about love...about someone falling in love...but I can't. Why? Because how can I write about falling in love with someone and having them love back when all I ever get is unrequited love and celebrity crushes?

I was trying to write down my most romantic moments (kind of a valentine thing I wanted to do in my zine) when I realized all the romantic moments I could think of were from Jane Austen! Okay, so there was the time I danced with Daniel R. on the beach. That was kind of spiffy...but it was AFTER I knew he wasn't in love with me. There was the time that Daniel M. got the grasshopper out of the spiderweb for me and I thought he was the most heroic character I'd ever met...but that was just before I found out he wasn't interested in me. Then there was the time I was stuck in my coat because the zipper was caught and Pablo helped me get out of it. But that was also AFTER I knew he wasn't interested, either. And on the grand scale of romance, grasshoppers and broken zippers do not rank high. Nor should they really.

I bloodly hate bloody valentine's bloody day!


sally said...

I still get stupid celebrity crushes, and I have a perfectly good husband, in better than original condition. That doesn't mean I don't occasionally daydream about John Cusack or James Hetfield or Val Kilmer. Such beeeyouteeeful men...

And I think men who aren't interested in you are just plain stoopid. You're fabulous. And if I could think of a single male friend of mine worth your fabulosity, I would introduce you in a heartbeat. I'll keep thinking about it.

Amy said...

Well, my heart is about to burst from unrequited love so I would rather just sit on the couch and eat potato chips and watch a sappy movie rather than dealing with the intense emotions of the moment. I mean really, if we were meant to be such emotional creatures why aren't we given outlets through which to express it which actually fulfill our needs and are not dependent upon someone else agreeing with us that this would be an appropriate outlet to use! What say should they have in me expressing how I feel! It is a good thing I have the Opera Carmen coming up where I play the role of Frasquita - perhaps I can cautiously release someone of this sexual tension through intense singing!