Friday, July 10, 2009

A Short History of Nearly Nothing

Why can't all of our decisions be between good and evil? It would be so much easier to choose. Should I tell the truth and let world peace reign or should I lie and watch the fires burn? See, easy.

Mostly our decisions are things like: Should I go to the concert with Dan or should I stay home and work on crafts. That's not an earth-shattering decision but it was one that took me ALL DAY to decide.

"Why?" you ask. Because of so many things 1) Dan is leaving and I want to spent as much time with him as I can BUT 2) I don't like live concerts because it makes my brain scream (because of my ear problems) BUT 3) I've ditched him so many times that I hate to ditch him again, BUT 4) I'm not really interested in the band. BUT 5) Soon I won't be invited by Dan to anything because we'll be in different states, BUT 6) I've had a hella long week.

It goes on.

Finally I decided to stay home, so I called Dan and told him. Then I spent the next hour wondering if I made a good decision and if I should change my mind and meet him at the concert.

This is a daily occurrence with me. I feel like those little kids who don't want to go to bed because they're afraid they're going to miss something but the adults just do boring stuff. Decisions are hard for me. Just ask Dan about when he asked me to go camping.

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