Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Maaike's Needs

So, what you do is Google your name with "needs" (i.e. Maaike needs) then post the top ten. I had to Google, Yahoo, and Ask to get enough different ones, but you might have an easier time. The need comes first, and then my comments. Here goes:

Maaike Needs

1. Maaike needed work experience in something other than art. (I have work experience in other things, now what I need is a JOB!)

2. Maaike needs a home! (Do you have one for me?)

3. If you marry a Scotsman, Maaike, you’ll need to be the hunter/gatherer as well as the cook. (I'm game as long as he has that awesome accent!!)

4. Maaike doesn’t need much. (But I'd like a couple million dollars)

5. Maaike needs to adjust her image. (Or buy a mirror that lies)

6. Maaike needs to seek explanations. (Or do others need explanations from me?)

7. Maaike needs a hug (that came from my own blog!)

8. Other than that I’ve just been trying to stay on top of Maaike’s needs. (Who? No one's been helping me!)

9. Maaike needs very little intervention. (Oh boy did they get THAT wrong!)

10. To calculate your compatibility with Maaike you need to enter your birthday. (and your height and bank account balance.)


Mister Fweem said...

Hm. I took it literally as the top 10, so this is what I got from Google:

Brian needs your help! (True.)
Brian needs your vote! (But I'm not running for office . . .)
Brian needs your help! (Okay, true already.)
Brian needs a theme song. (Wrong. Have one: King of Nothing, by Seals and Croft)
Brian needs your help! (I'm starting to feel a little depressed.)
Brian needs a woman now! (No, I do not!)
Brian needs 30 seconds to figure out a Trivia Box on Monday June 16th. (I'll need at least 40 seconds.)
Brian needs around the clock care. (Just like Homer. My marriage is based on complete and utter dependence.)
Brian needs a job ASAP. (Not really. I'm happy where I am)
Brian needs food badly. (Or just bad food.)

Missy Grossman said...

that is awesome!!