Tuesday, April 07, 2009

The Spooky Sofa

A True Tale by Maaike Davidson

It is a dark and stormy night…as it ought to have been. The thunderclaps rumble through the air with tangible force.

The sofa lurks in the middle of the living room. Its dark green surface shudders under the flashes of lightning making the paisley patterns cut into the fabric look like sinister smiles.

Other furniture around the room stands at a distance from those smiles. Smiles without eyes. Each bolt of lightning makes the gossamer curtains shine like neon enshrouding the sofa in a swath of eerie light. Paisley smiles laugh at the thunder.

Rain smashes against the windows tittering like imps bringing a sense of fear to the candelabra as it sits on the piano. A loud clap of thunder causes the crystals in the chandelier hanging from the ceiling to add their sounds to the din.

The rug underneath the sofa hugs close to the floor for security. It hates having to bear the weight of the green smiling creature atop it.

Wind howls. Lightning flashes. Thunder crashes. Rain tells its tales to the glass of the windows. Amidst it all stands the spooky sofa. It revels in this weather.


Anonymous said...

Wow...I love it.

Mister Fweem said...

I'm scared of the spooky sofa. Just tell me it doesn't contain potassium benzoate. Can I go home now?

Maaike said...

No potassium benzoate. It does have Xylitol, though.

Jay and Camille said...

You are alive! You are so creative! Great job.

Kylie said...

I like this, Maaike.