Saturday, May 31, 2008

Welcome Mats & Why I Love My Family

My front door is under a pine tree that drops needles like crazy! They're everywhere, in my car, in my shoes, and all over the floor of my apartment. To try to cut down on the invasion into my apartment, I wanted to buy a welcome mat. This caused a dilemma. I am not entirely convinced that a Welcome right at the door will keep out the vampires.

One night I voiced my concern to my Mom and my brother Randy. Randy told me that the vampires have to be invited in and I said I was worried that the "welcome" at the door could be considered an invitation. Mom said that I should get a cross and a wooden stake and leave them outside the door so that the vampires would know that I was prepared for them. Both of them continued to give me preventative measures I could take to keep the vampires out.

Suddenly I started laughing. "I love my family," I said. "I tell you that I'm worried that vampires will come in my house and you both just tell me ways to keep them out. Neither one of you said that vampires don't exist!"

"Would it have done any good?" Asked Mom.

No. That's true. But, just so you'll know, here's a photo of my welcome mat:

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And remember: Sleep is goot for ze bloot!