Saturday, December 30, 2006

The COOLEST Christmas present ever!

Okay, so I got the COOLEST Christmas present ever. Sally and David Eames-Harlan gave me a faucet light! You put it on your faucet and when you turn it on a blue light comes on and lights up the water! ISN’T THAT AWESOME!

My apartment is VERY old…can someone tell me how to get calcium build up off of my faucet so I can turn on my faucet light?


RW said...

Simple Green or soak it in coke-a-cola.

Maaike said...


christinemm said...

Or soak it in white vinegar, can put it in a plastic bag and use tape to adhere it there, for a while, then take it off and rinse. Same can be done with the shower head. Learned that from the "Queen of Clean" a few years ago.