Sunday, September 06, 2009

The White Trash Period of My Life

Many people have phobias. I have many phobias. One of them is bugs. I HATE bugs. Ladybugs are okay. And an ant...but not ants. Not a madhouse of ants moving to a new place. Blech.

So, I was getting bitten by something as I was sleeping. Lots of itchy, red bites. Ever since I was a little kid whenever I got bit by something the bites end up as huge red welts. Anyway, I was going crazy. Literally.

One night I felt something crawling. I grabbed a sandwich bag and captured the culprit. I looked at him and then I looked him up on line. He looked like an honest to goodness bedbug. I was so GROSSED OUT! While I was online I ordered a kit that kills bedbugs and prevents them from returning. Then I slept on the couch.

The next day I got rid of my bed. I put it out to the trash. (I had another bed already, luckily because I was too poor to buy a new bed.) I bought some bug killer and sprayed EVERYTHING. Then I washed every bit of bedding, even stuff that was up in my closet. I bug sprayed the floor, the walls, and my chair. Anything fabric either got washed or sprayed.

I slept with my window closed so nothing could come in (and by the way, it was hella hot!) and I've rearranged my room so that my bed isn't even in the same place it was to begin with.

A few phone calls to Mom to help me calm down. A few worries that the remaining bites were psychosomatic because I'm a pro at stressing and I do that kind of stuff to myself. I had to stay home one day because my brain wouldn't let go of the itch or the fear.

The bedbug killer kit arrived and I went at it again. Spraying, washing, cleaning. Fearing.

Last night, there were no new bites on me. I think it's over.

All because of ONE bug.

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msm said...

Everyone has a little bit of white trash in them--some less than others. You were right to be concerned, though. They can take over everything.