Saturday, June 27, 2009

Jesus the Mexican Boy Gave Me a Ride on the Back of His Bike

You never know when you might be someone's hero. You never know who might need you that day. You never know how many peoples' hearts cry out to be rescued--and you could be their savior.

Yesterday the sunshine warmed the blacktop into bubbling tar. My feet ached from the heat and I felt that it would be impossible for me to go on. My mind wandered in to realms of giving up, calling it quits, just lying down and letting nature do its worse.

My eyes closed and I longed for the comfort of the forever-rest. Suddenly a shadow came past my aching eyelids. I slowly opened my eyes. There was a boy with dark skin. He smiled and, pouring some water into his hand, offered me a drink. Then he picked me up and put me on the back of his bicycle.

Now I follow him wherever he goes.

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