Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Zombie Birthday

Who knew my birthday could last a week? Well, I'd always hoped--but this year it has nearly reached that mark! My birthday is the 9th and this year, it started on the 7th. Game night at my apartment, then Saturday birthday cards and wishes, Sunday my official birthday Dan took me out to dinner (rest of the story a bit further down) and all kinds of greetings, Monday and Tuesday more birthday wishes, Wednesday lunch with Colt Landon (who gave me a package of Chips Ahoy because he knows I love chocolate chip cookies) using my birthday coupon for Qdoba, and dinner with Dan and John. If something birthdayish shows up tomorrow then it will be a week of birthday!

About two weeks before my birthday arrived I started loosing the joy I usually have. I don't know why. I think mostly it was the feeling of impending doom. Either that or "Open Wide" Wednesday the 5th where I had a Doctor's Appointment and a Dentist appointment in the same day. Not pleasant. Anyway, come the day of my birthday the joy returned.

Dan took me to Smoky Mountain Pizza and gave me three presents! I was truly spoiled. He gave me a pair of wool socks which I need to wear inside my winter boots, a Serenity graphic novel--AWESOME, and a "Whack a Zombie" that you can see in the photo. He also had set up cake at Kylie's house. You know, for a guy who hates celebrating birthdays, he did a GREAT job for me because he knows how much I love my birthday. (Oh, we must not forget that at Dan's radio show he played The Smiths "Unhappy Birthday" for me over the airwaves! "I've come to wish you an unhappy birthday, 'cuz you're evil and you lied and if you should die I might feel slightly sad, but I won't cry.")

My family called and sang to me, which cracked me up. Mom sent me a t-shirt that reads: It's funny how you think I'm listening! Mom knows me so well. I've had a wonderful week.

Thank you Dan, Mom, Family, John, Colt, all those who wished me a happy birthday, and to Dan (again) for stepping out of your comfort zone to make my day (week!!) a memorable one.

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Brian Davidson said...

Braaaaainnnss . . . braaaaiinnnss . . . Oh! Birthday cake!