Thursday, December 27, 2007

One Veggie Burger With Bacon Coming Right Up

Or perhaps we could call this entry "Sheer Madness" because that is what's happening.

What happens when Maaike has too much time to herself? Well, she actually accomplishes things. Amazing things she never really thought she could do.

I have been cooking--in a my-fire-alarm's-not- going-off kind of way. I found a recipe for nut burgers and made them. MMMM they are good! The recipe was rather large so if I make them again I'll have to cut it in half.

Now, I can't claim to be a vegetarian because every now and then I'll eat meat if someone else cooks it for me. But when I'm cooking for myself (or others) it's always vegetarian. I just HATE to touch raw meat. Actually, just ask any of my family or close friends to know how picky I am about "gunky" things touching my hands. (Like when Daniel was carving a pumpkin and I tried to hand him something but instead dropped it on the floor in sheer panic that the pumpkin guts on his hands might actually get on my hands. Yep. That's me.) I also managed to make a banana bread with chocolate chips in it! (I'm allergic to walnuts--go figure.)

Then, to continue my amazingness, for the first time in my entire life, I sewed a zipper into something. I was making pillow covers out of old t-shirts and thought that a zipper would allow me to wash them if I needed, and to change them when the whim hit. I sewed a total of three pillows each with a 16 inch zipper. I am amazing.

My newest zine "EnvironMENTAL Imp Pack: Certified Organic" is also completed. I've also caught up on correspondence, made several phone calls. Organized my CD's and DVD's and tomorrow I'll be finishing the last of the things on my To Do list that I made right before Christmas break started.

All I can say now is:



Pickle'sMom said...

and what am I? chopped liver? or make that...chopped nut burger?


sally said...

You are truly amazing. And now that I know you can sew zippers? I have a pair of pants...

We're back Monday. (Well, Sunday evening, but we'll be in nooooo condition to interact with human beings having flown for seven bazillion hours to get there.) So I'll be wanting to get in touch with you and see how your break went.