Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Giant Bucket of Cookies

Arlene Miller heard me telling Emily Holzmer about how busy my week was going to be this week. When I walked past her, Arlene grabbed my hand and said, "This sounds like a really stressful week for you. What can I do to help?" She's so sweet! She reminds me of my Mom actually. I said, "You know what I really want: a chocolate chip cookie." She said that she'd be happy to make me cookies, wrote down my address and promised to be at my house on Tuesday evening.

She did come. Tuesday there was a knock at the door that sent JJ (the Rat Terrier I'm babysitting) into a frenzy! I invited her in and she handed me a coffee can FULL of chocolate chip cookies! Oh man. I'm in heaven. We visited for a moment and then she was off. What a wonderful woman she is.

Yes, this week is at the half way mark. I'm still insanely swamped by things that I have to do, I'm in need of some serious hugging, and a shoulder massage, but as far as chocolate chip cookies go...I'm hooked up!

Too bad I don't know anyone to share them with... :D


BigBird said...
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BigBird said...

sorry, deleted my first comment...basically I just called you a turkey cuz you have cookies. :)

I wish I had somebody to take care of me, too....

BigBird said...

and good luck this week and next. You will make it. I believe in you.