Thursday, May 13, 2010

Join me in welcoming the girls!!

Running on the wheel are Melora and Zoe. They are the dwarf hamsters I just got. Now, behind them you can seen one glowing eye of Queen Schmooquan as she watches them run in their wheel. When I first brought them home she watched the for an hour and a half. I'd never seen her concentrate on anything for that long. It was a riot!

Now the girls are up on a high shelf where the kitty can only watch them from afar. They wake up at night so kitty is quite entertained.

However, the wheel was very squeaky and was keeping me awake, so I fixed it with some WD40. No more squeak.

We four girls are all very happy together.


Missy G said...

I'm glad you like your new roommates! And way to be resourceful with the wd40

redwine said...

those sure are pretty! ^^