Tuesday, May 12, 2009

So, You're a Touring Band Now...

I always said that if I had children I'd dress them in lederhosen. I guess Dad didn't believe me. When we walked in to his house, he looked at the kids, then at me. I was so proud of my kids, they carried their instruments so carefully. Dad watched them for a moment and smiled. "What's all this then?" he asked.

My five year old chimed in and said, "We're gonna wear these again on Halloween and go as 'The Sound of Music'."

"So," Dad said with a laughing nod of his head, "Should I invest in college savings funds or therapy for the children?"

"You know me, Dad." I said.

"Therapy it is," he answered.

(PS: I don't have kids. This is just a story.)


Mister Fweem said...

Ohhhhh yeah. I think that's one of the things I appreciate the most about young kids -- their sense of humor don't get overridden by their sense of pride. Wacky costume? Absolutely.

Mister Fweem said...

And then there's me, who don't do grammer so good no more.