Monday, August 25, 2008

More of my Zines

These are some more of my zines. The "Environmental Imp Pack" are still available and are $2.00 each, or a good trade. "Punkman" is also $2.00 and is a full color comic I made based on my most awesome friend Dan Murphy.

"The Sixth Minky's Guide to Vampires" is my newest zine. It's $1.00 or a trade.

Coming up next are "The Sixth Minky's Guide to Zombies" and a Guide to growing cooking herbs in pots for you urban gardeners! (Both are $1.00)

If you're interested in any of these write to me:

Sixth Minky
PO BOX 8891
Moscow, ID 83843

When I finish those two zines I'm working on, that means by the time I reach my two year anniversary of having made zines I'll have a total of 21 zines done! Yes, it's true. I'm awesome.

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