Thursday, July 17, 2008

101 Things You May Not Know About Me

1. I have short tendons in my arms & hands, & can't straighten them out.
2. I really hate washing dishes.
3. I’m really OCD about what can/can't touch my hands.
4. I can recite the alphabet backwards.
5. I am afraid of horses.
6. I am afraid of big dogs.
7. I have no desire to swim in the ocean.
8. I hate sour things.
9. I was almost named Nichole.
10. More foreigners than Americans have asked me out on dates.
11. I really hate Republicans.
12. I collect bookmarks.
13. I really, truly, honestly hate bugs.
14. I want a pet Chihuahua.
15. Once a year I eat a hamburger, remember how gross it is, & then don’t eat one again for another year.
16. I thought by this age, I’d be married and have five kids. I'm still keen on the married bit, but five kids is WAY too many.
17. I love shopping online.
18. I don’t like Christmas shopping or Christmas decorations. I especially don't like Christmas Music
19. I can't fall asleep if my toes are cold.
20. I’ve had lots of crushes in my life, but two of them have stuck over time: DPR and DLM. If either of them decided that they were truly in love with me, they'd get a second chance.
21. Last time I got my heart broken I cried for three days.
22. I don’t let myself cry because no one ever comes to the aid of the “big” girl. Ever.
23. It is more likely that an alien will come down and steal my brain then a man will ever carry me through a puddle.
24. I hate being this tall. In my mind I'm a petite Chinese girl with hair so black it's almost blue.
25. Mint should only be used for things like toothpaste.
26. I can bake, but I can’t cook.
27. I don’t want to learn to cook.
28. I was a vegetarian for 1-½ years. I’m still REALLY picky about meat and don’t eat it often…however I can’t say I’m a vegetarian.
29. I believe that love is the simple day-to-day stuff that you handle together.
30. I believe trees have spirits & are here to remind us to slow down.
31. I don’t really like to drive.
32. Sometimes I think farts are funny.
33. The only sport I really like to play is baseball.
34. I love my skateboard but I’m REALLY scared to go fast.
35. I have been struggling with depression since I was a teenager.
36. I don’t like most girls. If you’re a girl and you’re my friend, you should know you have something special about you.
37. I don’t like pizza sauce.
38. I love teaching.
39. I love word puzzles.
40. I’m afraid of heights.
41. My favorite food is breakfast cereal.
42. I’d like dressing up more if girl clothes came in my size.
43. I never make my bed until it’s so beyond hope that I absolutely have to make it.
44. I like monkeys and would like to spend some time being one.
45. If I had money I’d spend two or three years in Borneo helping the orangutans.
46. There is nothing more I want out of life than to be someone’s love.
47. I REALLY like spicy food.
48. I like to observe people.
49. I hate talking on the phone (to order pizza... whatever) but I do like talking to friends.
50. I LOVE getting things in the mail.
51. I am mildly dyslexic.
52. I hate loud noises. (Or repetitive noises…my brain starts to scream at those kinds of things, that’s why I don’t like “noise” music.)
53. I hate being alone during a thunderstorm.
54. I cannot wear flip-flops or things that separate my toes…it makes my brain scream.
55. Sometimes my brain screams.
56. I have a fear of abandonment. (“He who is without sin may cast the first stone” here, eh!)
57. I think fish are the world’s most boring pets.
58. I think mayonnaise is gross. So is ketchup.
59. I can’t sleep unless the room is pitch black. I even put all my electronics on power strips and turn them off so the little red lights don’t keep me awake.
60. I like things that challenge my brain.
61. I want to live in a big city above a bookstore and never have to own a car again.
62. I think I could sing pretty well if I gave myself half a chance.
63. One of the best things in the whole world is sleeping in clean sheets just off the line.
64. I hate seafood.
65. I have plantar fasciitis.
66. My writing bump is on my ring finger.
67. I don’t like to visit Dad’s grave. I’d rather talk to him when I am surrounded by trees or see a pretty little bird.
68. When Mom dies, I want to be close behind her.
69. I’m still waiting for someone to rescue me.
70. People falling down on “America’s Funniest Videos” crack me up!
71. I am very claustrophobic.
72. In my opinion the worst way to die is drowning.
73. I slept one night on the streets in London.
74. I hate camping, but I’d go with a guy if he invited me.
75. I can talk to anyone.
76. I’m very choosy about who gets to be close enough to me to be called friends.
77. I’d rather make friends with boys than girls because girls have always been very mean to me.
78. I like to stay up late and sleep in late, but life rarely lets me do that.
79. I get my best ideas as I’m falling asleep—so I’ll get up and write them, do them, or write myself a note to do it!
80. I love my dreams. They’re INSANE.
81. Sometimes I think I’m insane.
82. I love thrift store shopping.
83. I wish my boobs were one cup size smaller so my t-shirts would look smoother!
84. The thing I find most attractive in a man is his kindness.
85. I can’t go to sleep until after I’ve brushed and flossed. If I try to go to sleep first, I’ll wake up in the middle of the night to do it!
86. I’ve had two really weird, unexplained illnesses. 1) I got really dizzy and puked a bunch of times and had to get a shot in my butt, however, they never knew what was wrong with me and 2) I went to sleep on Saturday night and woke up Monday morning. I didn’t get up to pee, or eat or anything. Mom said I had a really high fever, but I don’t remember any of it.
87. I wanted to go to Russia on my mission. Not France.
88. The entire purpose of my mission (in my opinion) was that I was supposed to reconnect with Daniel R.
89. I bring snacks to church.
90. I love reading/watching Sci-Fi and Fantasy.
91. I hate romance type stories unless Jane Austen writes them.
92. I can’t hear very well in my left ear.
93. I think Goran Visnjic is the epitome of handsome.
94. I am allergic to walnuts and raw onions. (And I can’t wear metal jewelry unless it’s real like gold or silver.)
95. I don’t want a wedding ring.
96. I really love chocolate chip cookies.
97. I hate it when someone talks to me when I first wake up. I like to be awake for about ten/fifteen minutes before someone talks to me.
98. I don’t concentrate well…on anything.
99. I like cloudy/rainy days better than sunshine days.
100. I love walking in rain.
101. I often contradict myself.


Pickle'sMom said...

I love that you bring snacks to church.
and I love YOU.

Missy Grossman said...

I LOVED reading your list! It was so fun to learn new things and remember other things about you.