Friday, June 20, 2008

99% Truth, 1% Polysorbate-80

My brother posted a poem "Bad Guy Things" on his blog. My brother is a GREAT writer. I pale in comparison to his talents. Really. You should read his stuff. Follow the link to Mr. Fweem's Blog. That's him.

Anyway, Brian posted a poem, so I'm going to, too. This is my newest poem.

99% Truth, 1% Polysorbate-80

by Maaike Davidson

“Have you met the man of your dreams, yet?” He asked.

HE asked.

Stupid-ass man. He was the man of my dreams.


“I just keep thinking about what might have been.” He said.

About her.

Stupid-ass man. He always forgets that I’m hoping for the present.


Neither one of them are right.

For me.

Stupid-ass man that I’m looking for has blue eyes.


“How do you know that?” You ask.

YOU ask.

Stupid-ass question. I know because of Poly.


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